Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cartoonist does study of anti-Semitic cartoons, II

I knew there was something I forget to mention in Part I!

The other thing that I (now) remember Mr. Kirschen pointing out is that the name of the conflict itself has changed. Thirty years ago, it was known as the Arab-Israeli conflict, meaning that Israel was pictured as a tiny nation surrounded by numerous and often-larger enemy nations determined to push it into the sea. Somewhere along the line, there was a name and attitude change--now, it's the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The narrowed focus has deliberately cast Israel, the former David, in the role of Goliath, completely eliminating the rest of Israel's enemies from the picture--now, Israel is visualized as the home of the mighty Israel Defense Forces that are taking on the (allegedly) unarmed Palestinians, an established nation fighting homeless, helpless refugees over a tiny strip of land.

How quickly people forget--the story of David and Goliath shows that a well-placed stone can kill a person just a well as a sword can. And one homicide bomber, well-placed in a pizzeria, on a bus, in a college cafeteria, or at a hotel Seder can kill and injure as many civilians as a bomb dropped from a plane on a house.


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